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After the Vape Juice factories are shut down
in the post-apocalyptic ghost town known as Disco City,
a DIY manufacturer named Athena is hired to create
a custom elixir and deliver it to a dangerous cloud chaser
known as the Vape Cloud Queen.
But things are not typical in this desert vortex
and staying alive soon becomes priority number one.



Natasha Blasick - Nikki the Vape Cloud Queen

Lulu Danger - Athena

David Lockhart - Rusty

Isaac C. Singlton Jr. - MC host, Dan the Vape Man

Cynthia Basinet - Self

Dawna Lee Heising -Arabella

Martin Blasick - Deke the Hipster

Ron Jeramy - Self

Jeff Dowd (the Dude)

Scott Schwartz - Disco City Hot Dog Vender

Ildy Lee - Lady Lola

Dustin Quick - Barbarella

Medi Em - Desporado

Clinton H. Wallace - The Mysterious Man

Richard M. Burke - Man in Black


Writen, Produced and Directed by Christy Oldham

Co-Producer Brian S. Hanish

Director of Photography Brian S. Hanish

Editor Curt LaFurney

episode #1: Off The Grid
Athena and Nikki aka "The Vape Cloud Queen" meet in
the desert vortex.



episode #2: Disco City
Athena and Nikki partner up to cook the secret vape elixir
for the upcoming vape cloud competition. However,
Nikki's ex-boyfriend Rusty, has another trip in mind.


episode #3: Men in Black Carz
Nikki blows sick clouds at the Vape Cloud competition
with Ron Jeremy while Athena escapes Disco City with
the help of a mysterious man in a black car.



Filmed at the

RRR Ranch, Mojave

Make It Happen Loft DTLA

Vape Warz: Behind the Scenes movie

Vape Warz: Behind the Scenes photos

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Distribution FilmHub
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Festival Awards:

Demi Godess Pictures

Upside Down TV

Paradox Studio and Productions

RRR Ranch

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